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Ceramic Ball Valve

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Structure Ceramic Ball Valves as one kind technical ceramic are low-cost, long lasting , extra resistant to corrosion,high temperature, wear,erosion etc.There are four types of driving performances, manual, pneumatic, pneumatic spring return and electric. Various special valves can be designed on demand. Every corrosion resistant valve part takes advantage of superior structural ceramic engineering. The range of dense structural ceramics using proprietary zirconia ceramics includes custom blended ceramic powders.


It can be widely used in Coal; Limestone; Fly ash; Salt; Kaolin pulp; Ferric chloride; Titanium dioxide; Chromic acid chlorine;Sulfite crystals; Sludge; Acetic acid; And bromine.. Structure Ceramic Ball Valves is an ideal substitute in strong corrosion situation.

Excellent Performance:

Strong wear and corrosion resistance

The valve ball, valve seat, and inner lining are all made of hi-performance structural ceramics with hardness of HRA87 or above.  Structure Ceramics Ball Valves can take the strong impact of hi-speed liquid and hard grain, with excellent performance on wear and corrosion resistance.

Strong corrosion resistance

The valve ball, valve seat and the inner lining are all made of hi-performance Structure Ceramics. The Structure Ceramics have excellent performance on wear-resistant, except glass-liquor and hydrofluoric acid.

Long service life

The static pressure test showed no leakage after 10000 times opening-closing.Wide-range application Be applicable to various acid, alkaline or saline solutions, gaseous media, etc.. Hard sealing ball valves also used in media with particles and fibers.

Ceramic ball valve components as one kind advance ceramic is according to customer specifications in many formulations for solving various highly abrasive, and/or highly corrosive fluid-handling applications

Ceramic Ball Valve

Ceramic Ball Valve