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activated alumina

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Activated alumina, also known as activated bauxite, or activated alumina or activated aluminium oxide, is often referred to as “activated alumina” when it is used in catalysts, and is a porous, highly dispersed solid material with a large surface area, and its microporous surface has the properties required for catalysis, such as adsorption properties, surface activity, excellent thermal stability, etc. Therefore, it is widely used as a catalyst and catalyst carrier for chemical reactions. It is a porous, highly dispersible solid material with a large surface area, and its microporous surface possesses the characteristics required for catalytic action, such as adsorption performance, surface activity, excellent thermal stability, etc., so it is widely used as a catalyst for chemical reactions and catalyst carriers. Spherical activated alumina transformer oil adsorbent is white spherical porous particles, activated alumina particle size uniformity, smooth surface, high mechanical strength, strong hygroscopicity, water absorption does not swell or crack to maintain the original state, non-toxic, odorless, insoluble in water, ethanol. Activated alumina is a kind of high efficient desiccant with trace water depth drying.

Activated alumina has selective adsorption ability for gas, water vapor and certain liquid moisture. After saturated adsorption, it can be revived by removing water by heating at about 175-315℃. Adsorption and resurrection can be carried out many times. In addition to being used as a desiccant, it can also be used to adsorb lubricant vapor from polluted oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, natural gas, etc. this kind of alumina balls can also be used as a catalyst and catalytic agent. And can be used as catalyst and catalyst carrier and color layer analysis carrier. Activated alumina belongs to the category of chemical alumina, which is mainly used as adsorbent, water purifier, catalyst and catalyst carrier, and its raw materials and preparation methods are different according to different applications. This kind alumina balls can be used as defluorinating agent for high fluorine drinking water (large capacity), defluorinating agent for cyclic alkanes in alkylbenzene production, deacidifying and regenerating agent for transformer oil, drying agent for oxygen industry, textile industry, electronic industry, drying of automation instrument wind, and drying agent and purifying agent for fertilizer, petrochemical drying industry (dew point up to -40 degrees), and in the air separation industry. In the air separation industry, the dew point of variable pressure adsorption can reach -55 degrees. It is a kind of high efficient desiccant for deep drying of trace water. It is very suitable for heatless regeneration device.

activated alumina

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